Barry “G” Still Rules Afternoon Radio After 40 Years

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Source: Real Time Magazine

It’s amazing! After 37 years in radio broadcasting, Barry Gordon (Barry G) is still ahead in afternoon radio in Jamaica.
As soon as Mello FM (a Montego Bay-based radio station) went islandwide in 2011, the news spread like the proverbial wildfire that Barry G was back. Dials were soon tuned to 88.5 as his legions of followers from  the 70s savoured the good news. 

The only serious contenders that Barry G has in the afternoon are Richard “Richie B” Burgess of Hot 102 FM and  Khadine Hylton the self-styled “Fluffy Diva” who goes by the name Miss Kitty on RJR 94 FM.

It all started in 1975 when Barry G landed at the now defunct JBC (Jamaica Broadcasting Corporation) as a fresh graduate of Kingston College. He stayed there until 1987 when he switched to RJR. JBC managed to lure him back in 1989 where he stayed until 2001 before his sojourn to Power 106 FM in 2001. After three years, he was in the studios of Hot 102 (then in Montego Bay). He went to Klas in 2005 and quit in 2006.

In April 2007 while he was on a flight to Florida, he suffered a stroke which was to sideline him until 2010 when he joined the team at Mello FM.

Nowadays, Barry G is not the disc jockey  who used to play the latest hot reggae or dancehall music. In fact, he is now contending that he does not play dancehall music, but music on a whole. The new Barry G seems to be preoccupied with the health of his listeners because of what some people call his “stroke of luck”. Many sufferers have not made the recovery that this radio giant from St.  Mary has made and he distinguishes himself as a living testimony for hope to stroke victims.

He has repeatedly made suggestions as to the correct diets and lifestyles that his listeners must follow. He often times bashes medical practitioners, some of whom have called in to remind him that he was not a member of the medical society of Jamaica. He has not minced words to voice his disgust at these outbursts which also come from some of his detractors.